Krieg am Boden -> 10th Armored Division - fragments -> TF Haskell = 54th AIB, Mar 5-16, 1945

March 5

TF Haskell reverts to Combat Command Reserve at 0600. Rumors were that TF Haskell was to spearhead again.


March 6

TF Haskell received the mission to attack and seize Quint, advance to Schweich and seize the high ground 2000 yards East of town. Engineers working on a bridge at Ehrang which was necessary to the successful performance of the mission, were shelled heavily by enemy artillery. Capt. Eisberg, Commanding Office, Co "A/54th", was wounded and evacuated.


March 7

TF Haskell left Trier at 1000. At Ehrang where the 245th Engineers were constructing a treadway bridge over the Kyll, it was necessary for the Inf to cross dismounted across a partly demolished railroad bridge. The dismounted troops engaged in heavy small arms fights 1000 yards east of Quint. At 1630 the enemy attacked their positions with self propelled guns. Direct artillery was also falling on these positions. Friendly artillery drove the enemy armor back, causing them the loss of 2 vehicles. An enemy patrol of 12 man infiltrated through our lines at 2000. The area was heavily covered by S-mines and anti-tank ditches. Two patrols were sent out from the TF and one strong combat patrol was sent out later to bring back wounded. The patrol reported that enemy was dug in 1000 yards NE of Quint at a rail junction. First patrol reported enemy strong point dug in around road block at Quint on the Eastern side of the railroad bridge.


March 8

At 0630 Engineers who were clearing a bridge east of Quint found that the bridges besides being mined also had a 1000 lb bomb on it. Under protective of a smoke screen laid down by artillery leading elements jumped off. From Quint to Issel vehicle and personnel casualties were heavy and the smoke failed to continue and the column received direct 88 fire. Snipers were active in Issel. The attack to Schweich continued dismounted because of a minefield on the outskirts of town. Schweich which ahd been declared an open city by the Germans was found to contain camouflaged pillboxes, minefields, bazooka teams, and snipers. Clearing this town provived to be costly. The TF Reserve was committed to blow an enemy ammo dump near Issel than proceed to Schweich to reinforce part of the TF there. The forces joined at 0100.


March 9

The TF which had been divided into combat teams proceeded in the following manner. Team Filmeyer moved out from Schweich to attack the high ground east of town. Team Leonard and remains of Team McIntosh continued to clean Schweich. Tank fire neutralized a pillbox which delayed the progress of Team Filmeyer. By 1100 the objective Hill 325 was consolidated. Heavy artillery fire continued to fall in both Schweich and Issel. CCB attacked north toward Fohren passeing our left flank.


March 10

Team Filmeyer attacked the final objective, hill 360, and had the situation in hand by 1000. TF Haskell received the new mission of clearing the town of Longen, Lorsch, Mehring, Polich, Schleich, Ensch and Beckond. The Reco Platoon with the light tanks and the support of the Infantry ofn the commanding ground. The enemy had evacuated most of his troops east of the Mosel River. Reconnaissance contacted the 90th Cavalry Recon Squad, Troop D, and all the towns were cleared by 1600. 96 prisoners were taken, 3 75-mm-guns, numerous small arms and machine guns were destroyed.


March 11

TF Haskell was relieved by 417th Inf and 3rd Cav Group and moved out at 0915 for Trier for the purpose of rehabilitation and the procurement of replacements for both personnel and vehicles.


March 12

Replacements arrived and were assigned. Maintenance of vehicles was continued.


March 13

TF Haskell reverts to CCA controll and received an alert for movement. The new mission was to be to attack south from Trier after passing through either the 80th, 26th, or 94th Inf Divisions to then attack east with the Division Objectiv Mainz as the target.


March 14

TF Haskell remained in Trier on a 2 hour alert, daily inspections of weapons and vehicles were helt.

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