James I. Myers


home: Logansport, IN 46947



Flight Engineer

8th AF 489th BG 846th BS

Pilot: Bertanzetti

B-24   # 295155


1.  shot down on our 31st mission, July 31, 1944, near Saarbrücken

2.  to a small town jail, can't recall the name. I and our crew pilot

3.  the town's people came to the jail to take us out and hang us. The soldiers stopped them. Next morning early they trucked us out to St. Wendel.

4.  We came by truck. The camp was - as I recall on the east side of the town up on higher ground. We could see St. Wendel in the distance.

5.  not really

6.  don't remember, not to long, maybe a couple of weeks

7.  about 200

8.  only US I think

9.  steel metall buildings, there were three of them, dirt floor with some straw. There were guards and dogs to secure us.

10.  I believe I went to Dulag Luft at Wetzlar by train

11.  yes. One evening we could see into the town and saw dust and gun fierced gun fire. They said that Patton was in town. Next morning he was gone.

12.  no

13.  I still have my Germany dog tags that I was given, I believe while at St. Wendel. Stalag Luft 6 No. 4123


Fifty some years, it is heard to remember it all. The building they said had been highway truck garages. Up on a hill east of town. I don't remember what date I got to that Stalag Luft IV near Kiefheide, anyway Feb 6, 1945, we were marched out. We walk over 500 miles in all kind of weather, very little to eat. People would throw sticks, fl___ pat stones etc. at us. On April 26, 1945, I walked across a pontoon at Halle into American hands. I have a bumb hand and can't write to well. Hope I have been of some help to you. Good luck and write again if you wish.



8 AF 489 BG 346 BS

target Ludwigshafen

type Strategical


weather 10/10

Date 31 July 1944

B-24H 42-95355

KU 2603



P Arthur P. Bertanzetti 1Lt O-693450 RTD
Co William J. Bunton 1Lt O-818100 RTD
Nav Albert W. Boam 1Lt O-703930 RTD
Bomb Thomas O. Day Jr. 1Lt O-698529 RTD
Egn James I. Myers TSgt 15382361 RTD
WG Edward F. Hogran SSgt 32639449 RTD
BG John Garcia SSgt 38465213 RTD
WG Richard J. Janssen SSgt 19124303 RTD
ROp Marlin O. Gehrke SSgt 36297030 RTD
TG James R. Brown Jr. Sgt 33627626 RTD


crash site: area of Saarburg, 12 km N of Hagenau, Alsace

aircraft completely destroyed by ground fire



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